MOVE Expectations for Music Class

M.O.V.E. Expectations for Music Class

In music classes, students are expected to follow the school behavior expectations.  There are a few additions because of special instruments and activities.


             M - Mutal Respect              O - On Task               V - Value Safety              E - Expect Excellence


Mutal Respect:  * Using encouraging and kind words

                             *  Raising his/her hand to speak

                             *  Enter and exit silently

                             *  Listen and follow directions

                             *  Be respectful to other students and your teachers


On Task:  *  Begin work promptly

                  *  Follow classroom procedures

                  *  Stay focused


Value Safety:  *  Listen and follow directions

                          *  Using instruments and materials properly

                          *  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

                          *  Follow classroom procedures


Expect Excellence:  *  Be ready to learn

                                    *  Try new games and activities

                                    *  Be respectful

                                    *  Do your personal best!