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Free Money/Free Fundraising

Learn how to save money on your Tuition!!!


Who do you know that belongs in a Catholic School?



Print the form below, find a prospective family to fill out their information too and return the form to the office of the school they are interested in.



Start making the journey from St. Pius to Powers Catholic a reality!






Click the link here and learn how to work your tuition off!

HFEST (Helping Finance Education and Sports Tuition)
                     Are you interested in fundraising to helop offset the expense of sports and education
                     tuition? If so, HFEST is the concession group for you!
                     HFEST is a licensed 501c3 nonprofit orgainzation.
                     What is a Concessions Group?
                               It is a group of individuals who work at concession stands at the Palace, DTE,  
                               Meadowbrook, Dow Event Center, and Ford Field throughout the year to raise
                               credits for scholarship tuition.
                      For more information, please contact Cheri at

1. scrip_logo.gif Click photo for more information of our S.C.R.I.P. Program



2. Collect Box Tops!! Each box top you send in to the school gives us ten cents (cash).  May not seem like a lot, but it sure does add up!!  Ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to save them for you.  Just clip them off participating products and send them in to the office. Box Top money helps the school not individual families. You can get more information at


 4. Scan your MEIJER Card EVERYTIME you shop!!  If you do not have a Meijer card, you can get one at your local Meijer.  Apply for your card and be sure to designate that you would like your proceeds to benefit ST. Pius X Catholic School.  The money you earn using your Meijer card comes directly off of your tuition. It’s that simple! The MEIJER 1 card program does provide a direct discount to the tuition cost per family.