Before and Aftercare

Before and Aftercare

Before & Aftercare

Listed below is pertinent information regarding this program:

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Any St. Rose student from pre k 3 through grade eight may attend.

Hours/Day Available

  • Before care is provided from 7:30 am to 7:50 am
  • Aftercare is provided from 2:50 to 6:00 p.m. on full session school days
  • Aftercare service is available on selected 12:10 dismissal days


Program Fees


Yearly use of Aftercare (Beforecare  and early Dismissal fees included)

 Payment due the 1st of each month starting September 1st for 10 months if not pre-paid for the year


$3,500                                      $4,900                                       $5,600

One child                                  Two children in family                Three children in family


Daily Use After Care










One child

2 children in family

3 children in family



Late School Pick-up - 3:45pm (Full daily fee at 3:46pm)


$10 per child



BeforeCare - Daily Use (students entering at 7:45am will be charged)


Late AfterCare Pick-up (5:31pm)



$20 per child per $10 minutes



12:10 p.m. Early Dismissal for Daily AC Users



$25 until 3pm

$35 until 3pm

$40 until 3pm


$10/hr or partial

$15/hr or partial

$20/hr or partial


One child

2 children in family

3 children in family



Returned Checks



$25 and future payments made in cash, money order or bank check