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Mission Statement

St. Rose of Lima Academy relies upon the volunteer efforts of parents.  Volunteering for Academy activities is part of every parent’s commitment.  Parent volunteers are organized through the parent’s association, which is called the Home School Association, or H.S.A.  The H.S.A. fundraises to provide supplemental programs for the students and faculty and to assist with the Academy budget.  The H.S.A.  organizes those fundraisers and supplemental programs, as well as social events for the Academy community.  The H.S.A.  Executive Board is responsible for overseeing all parent volunteer programs and committees and works with the Principal to achieve both its fundraising goals, community outreach and policy guidelines as they relate to extra-curricular activities.  St. Rose of Lima Academy and the St. Rose of Lima H.S.A. strongly believe that involved parents are essential and set the tone of warmth and respect for Catholic values and academic growth that prevails at St. Rose.  A brief description of H.S.A. Executive Board positions follows.



Current Officers

President Kristina Kostka
First Vice President Danielle Zabik
Second Vice President Jessica May


Crystal Comeaux

Asst. Treasurer 8th Grade

Ginny Vitalo
Communications Jodi Campbell Dillon
Secretary Rosemary Mattson
Athletic Director Don Lisco
Class Parent Coordinator Betsy Guarnieri