Welcome to the Stoneham Central Middle Schoolx21

Welcome to the Stoneham Central Middle School!


Stoneham Central Middle School currently serves upwards of 760 students in grades five, six, seven, and eight. 


Our middle school educators strive to provide learning opportunities that enhance students’ intellectual and social development through instruction that is both relevant and challenging.  Stoneham Central Middle School provides a learning environment that supports teaching and learning so that all students may have a quality education.


Students at Stoneham Central Middle School are provided opportunities and encouragement to understand and accept responsibilities of active citizenship, and of valued family, school and community membership. Communication among students, parents, and staff is open and continuous. The school community demonstrates unity of purpose and pride in its accomplishments.


At Stoneham Central Middle School we are guided by our core values: We have respect for ourselves, for others and for our community; we accept responsibility for our learning and for our behavior; and we are creative problem solvers and competent decision makers. These values guide us in our home, in our school, and in our community.