Summerville High School's administrative team is dedicated to supporting students, teachers, parents, and the community.






Mr. Kenny Farrell


843.873.6460 x51001















Michael Allen

Asst. Principal: 10-12th A-C

843.873.6460 x51012











Dylan Hudson

Asst. Principal: Interventions

843.873.6460 x51015








Courtney Bunao

Asst. Principal: 10th-12th (D-G)

843.873.6460 x51018













Matt Legare

Asst. Principal: Interventions

843.873.6460 x51011













Bentli Lewis

Asst. Principal: 9th (H-O)

843.873.6460 x51016
















Jonathan Rushin

Asst. Principal: 10-12th (M-R)

843.873.6460 x51014















Brion Rutherford

Athletic Director

843.873.6460 x51061

















Kristi Selander

Asst. Principal: 10-12th grade (H-L))

843.873.6460 x51017















Tiffany Harris

Asst. Principal: 9th (P-Z)

843.873.6460 x51010

















Beth Tanner

Asst. Principal: 9th (A-G)

843.873.6460 x51013

















Julia Travis

Asst. Principal: 9-12th (S-Z)

843.873.6460 x51019