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Practice Next Thursday, 9/28/17

We will have practice next Thursday.  I have posted the resolution that we will be debating. This is mostly for the potential delegates to see, but it also will help to knock off the rust from inactivity.  


Winthrop Model UN is March 21-23, 2018...will be here before you know it.


Winthrop is adding a new I suppose experimental committee in addition to the ones that are already used.  This one is the Human Rights committee so check out the Winthrop Model UN website to see its description.  I have done our online registration.  This year's special committee is the Organization of African Unity and I have of course asked for Senegal as our first choice as it is an OAU country as well as a Security Council country.  Anyway please pass on this information about practice next week and get the resolution.


If you want to go ahead and pay your $150 or half of it you can do so.


See ya'!!!