National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society
Picture representing National Art Honor Society

The Summerville High National Art Honor Society is affiliated with the National Art Honor Society. Members will be listed in the national registry at the National Art Education Association Office in Washington, DC., receive a certificate of membership, receive The NAHS News online newsletter, and are eligible to wear the NAHS Honor Cord in the Graduation Ceremony.


National Dues are $3.00 a year.


The SHS NAHS offers students a chance to participate in Art related activities, discussions, and community service. We often work in conjuction with the SHS Art Club. All members of the NAHS are automatically also members of the SHS Art Club.


SHS NAHS and Art Club meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the Month in Art Room 161 during ILT. We will start at 1:20 and finish by 1:35.  You may bring your lunch. Optional afterschool workshops will be held 2-3 times a semester.

Welcome to National Art Honor Society.