General Information about the club

General Information about the club

Thank you for your interest in the Dirt Diggers club!  I am excited to get this club started.  If you  like to be outside, want to learn about gardening, are a nature lover, or just like to get your hands dirty once in a while, this club is for you.


As a group, we will plant, tend, and harvest crops in our school garden.  Club members must be willing to participate in all aspects of raising crops which  will include pulling weeds by hand and using garden tools.  A reward in gardening is the opportunity to enjoy the bounty.  Club members will be able to take home some of the crops we harvest.


Members will play a role in helping the adults to plan future stages of the garden.  We hope to build a shed for our tools, plant a wildlife garden, construct a compost pile, and install a vernal pond.  Everything is just in the idea stage.  As a founding member of the club you will get to experience many of these projects from planning to implementation.


Even though we will only officially meet once a month, you will have opportunities to work in the garden during ILT under adult supervision and possibly participate in "work days" on the weekend.  


My room is located in trailer B2.  You can come by during ILT for more information about the club.  You can also send me an email at: