Walk and Roll

Walk and Roll
Sundance Elementary Celebrates Earth Day

students on bikes or scooters, or walking to school students walking or riding bikes to school students waiting to cross the street students walking or riding bikes on sidewalk

Students from Sundance Elementary School did their part to help the environment this morning with the Walk or Roll event.  With the help of teachers (the Earth Day Committee Staff), about seventy students gathered at Huning Ranch Park so they could walk...or roll...to school.  Many students chose to ride their scooters, a bike or skateboard, while others walked or ran the route.  They traveled together from the park and headed West on Sundance Street where they were met by the crossing guard at Huning Ranch Loop.  She then helped them cross the street where they arrived safely to school.


Opting out of driving decreases traffic congestion, air pollution, and noise pollution, which can be disturbing to the community.  Choosing to walk also creates a cleaner, greener, healthier environment because motor vehicles emit a variety of pollutants.  In fact, it is believed cars account for one-fifth of the United States' global warming pollution.  By replacing car trips with walking or biking, we can reduce our carbon footprint.  But that was not the only goal for the Walk and Roll, which demonstrated an alternative way to travel, it was also an opportunity to incorporate physical activity.

students riding scooters on sidewalk students walking with teacher on sidewalk students waiting on stop sign for crossing guard students arriving at school