Susan Berry

Susan Berry

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I was born in St. Albans, West Virginia where I spent the first twelve years of my childhood.  We then moved to Beckley, West Virginia, to be closer to my extended family.  My mother still has our family home in Beckley and my brother and sister still live in West Virginia with their families. 


As a young girl I enjoyed the hobbies of cheerleading and dance, aspiring early on to become a dance instructor.  In high school, I soon became interested in being college bound and immediately chose the profession of a Speech Language Pathologist.  I attended a local community college for the first two years and then attended Marshall University where I received both my Bachelor and Master’s degrees. 


Upon my Marshall University graduation, I married my high school sweetheart, John Berry, and we spent our honeymoon in route to Delaware, where I would be starting my first professional position at the Sussex Elementary Consortium.  I was hired as the Speech Pathologist for their first preschool classroom.  I was thrilled to be starting my new life in Delaware!


Twenty-nine years later, I am still thrilled with my life in Delaware!  I am still employed at the Sussex Consortium, but my job description has changed greatly.   I have had the distinct pleasure of serving the Consortium families as a speech language pathologist, a special education coordinator and currently, an assistant principal.  My professional life has been very rewarding.  I am very lucky to be able to come to a job I love. 


Personally, I am also extremely proud to have raised my three children here in Delaware.  All three of them have went through public school in the Milford School District and enjoyed many extracurricular activities in the areas of baseball, soccer, dance, church, and volunteer opportunities.  My husband and I still spend a great deal of our time with our adult children and traveling to see family in West Virginia.  We both cherish family time and place family needs first on our personal priority lists. 


It is my long-term plan to spend the rest of professional career here at the Sussex Consortium, as it is the one and only place I have worked professionally.  I often find myself saying that I dedicate my life to my family and my career to the Consortium.  I love what I do and am always looking for ways to do it better.