Underwood Parent Involvement

Underwood Parent Involvement

Our Staff Mission Statement

Underwood Elementary’s mission is to create a united effort between the school, home and community.  Our goal is to provide a positive, safe environment which promotes respect for authority, self, others, and property.  Together, we seek to individualize education for all learners and help children reach their full potential.


Welcome to Underwood School!  There are several ways in which you can become involved and contribute your thoughts and opinions to the staff here at Underwood. 


Our PTA sponsors two Family Fun Nights, one in late October and one in late January, which are free of charge to our students and their families.  The PTA has numerous committees which could use your expertise in providing memorable learning opportunities for our children.  Think about serving as a room parent to most directly support the efforts of the PTA in your child’s classroom.


While conferences are the primary means of communication about your child’s progress, there are other ways to share ideas to make Underwood realize its mission statement.  Parent surveys and advisory committees provide you with ways to provide us with feedback and recommendations, and we are always looking for ways to improve.


Title I Parent Nights are held, both at Underwood and at district locations, to provide families with information and materials to support students’ learning in math.


All concerts held at the school are open to the public, and we encourage families with preschool age children to attend to see the variety of musical opportunities available to our students.  Also unique to Underwood is Paint and Play Club, which is run by the Wauwatosa Recreation Department.  During the school day, three year old children and their parents are invited to explore early art and movement experiences in the art room.  This is a great way for your child to get to know their school early and to associate positive, fun learning activities with attending school.


Feel free to contact Underwood School at 414-773-1700 for more information about ways to become involved at school, or to share ideas to further involve our families.