Gifted amp Talented Program

Williamsburg County School District

Gifted and Talented Program 

 Schools throughout the District are dedicated to identifying those students who meet the District and state criteria of a “gifted learner.” Teachers work collaboratively to develop Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) for all our identified gifted students to ensure gifted children are challenged and experience academic growth throughout the year.


Elementary schools provide differentiation through grouping, advanced learning opportunities, and after-school academic classes, clubs, and contests. Our middle schools provide a wide range of honor classes as well as many enriching after-school opportunities. Although our high schools through collaboration with our technical college provides some college level courses to our highly-capable students free of charge, the students can also enroll in a variety of Advanced Placement and Honor Courses as well.


Our District truly believes that parents are our partners when it comes to meeting the needs of gifted learners. Parents and teachers work together to ensure children are not only challenged, but also valued for their unique abilities. We strive to provide gifted students with a wide range of opportunities to support their academic, social, and emotional development.