Williamsburg County School District Vision Mission and Beliefs

Williamsburg County School District Vision, Mission and Beliefs



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“And I’ve said this all across the country when I talk to parents about education, government has to fulfill its obligations to fund education, but parents have to do their job too. We’ve got to turn off the TV set, we’ve got to put away the video game, and we have to tell our children that education is not a passive activity; you have to be actively engaged in it. If we encourage that attitude and our community is enforcing it, I have no doubt we can compete with anybody in the world.” ~~


President Barack Obama


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Vision Statement


Williamsburg County School System will create and uphold a climate of high expectations through collaboration and a shared vision of academic excellence.


                     Mission Statement


The mission of the WCSD, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to ensure a high-quality education for all students by utilizing an Innovative curriculum, Relevant resources, Energetic, highly qualified staff






                             Beliefs:  We believe that:



  • Knowledge is power.
  • Learning occurs in a caring environment.
  • All people are worthy of respect.
  • The family is the most important influence in the life of a child.