About Us

About Us



Career & Technical Education Empower all Students by:



  • Preparing students for postsecondary  education in career-technical fields and lifelong learning.
  • Preparing students for initial and continued employment.
  • Assisting students in making educational and career decisions.
  • Applying and reinforcing related learning from other disciplines.
  • Assisting students in developing decision-making, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and citizenship skills.
  • Preparing students to make informed consumer decisions and apply practical life skills.
  • Making appropriate provisions for students with special needs to succeed in career-technical education programs.
  • Preparing students to successfully enter and compete in the job market and/or institutions of higher education.
  • Students will gain skills and knowledge to enhance growth of Williamsburg and Florence Counties.







In our Automotive Technology class, students learn to repair your vehicles so that you can travel anywhere. For more information, contact Mr. Dale Lewis.                                   
Building and Construction is a program that teaches students about constructing buildings, reading blueprints, etc. This class will prepare you for a GREAT job and one with high pay! For more information, contact Mr. Bernie Davis.
The Cosmetology program is designed to prepare students to qualify for licensing examinations. Cosmetology students receive training in the art and the science of the care and the beautification of hair, skin, and nails. The course of study includes scalp treatments, hair shaping, hair styling, setting, waving, hair coloring, and shampoos and rinses. The care of skin and nails includes manicures, pedicures, massage, facials, makeup application, and hair removal. Instruction in chemistry, bacteriology, and the anatomy and physiology of the face, head, arms, and hands is incorporated by means of both theory and practical application on both manikins and live models. Also in the course of study is salon planning and management.

Students who complete this program and pass the state licensing exam can go directly into the workplace. Within this area, there are numerous areas that students can specialize in such as hair colorist, texture and cutting specialist, salon trainer, distributor, sales consultant, and cosmetology instructor. For more information, contact Mr. Richard Scott.
Culinary Arts teaches students how to become successful chefs who design and prepare decorated foods and artistic food arrangements for buffets in formal restaurants. For more information, contact Mrs. D. Gamble.





Electricity Technology teaches students to install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems for reasons such as climate control, security, refrigeration, and communications.



Health Science Technology  helps students plan, manage, and provide information, support, and research in the development of healthcare. For more information, contact  Ms. Leslie Ethridge, RN.

Welding is a program for our students who are interested in the field of metal works and even art. This is a highly skilled field which has excellent monetary benefits also. Students will enjoy this if they are considering working in the construction field or simply welding for fun. For more information, contact Mr. Greg Glisson.