Ms Brittani BurroughsHomeroom

Picture representing Ms. Brittani  Burroughs-Homeroom

Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

Welcome to the Kindergarten here at Anderson Primary where our school mission is: “To produce life-long learners who are respectful, rsponsible, and productive.” My name is Mrs. Brittani Burroughs and I along wth Mrs. Barbara Montgomery will be your child’s Kindergarten teachers this shool year. For some, this will be their first experience with school and for ohers, it’ll be a somewhat similar experience but either way it will be a memorable one! Kindergarten is an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful activities and experiences. We will have fun learning the basics in all subjects; we’ll make new friends, write stories, read fantastic books, and learn how to be a more independent learner! I will utilize every available minute of our day to enrich your child’s learning. Feel free to call me via the school 843-355-5493, e-mail me at, or schedule a conference (9:10am-9:50am) when you have any questions or concerns. We are so excited about the wonderful things to come this school year and with your cooperation and participation your child will have success!!!    



***~We shine in Room 109~***