2016 Superintendantx27s Art Exhibit

2016 Superintendant's Art Exhibit

Big News! - Art at W.M. Anderson Primary School


I am happy to say that many of my students have been making absolutely SUPERB ART this year! I love teaching the children of Anderson Primary School about art and artists, and leading them through projects with various media to learn about different art techniques and principles so they can get their creative juices flowing in new and interesting directions!


I hope you enjoyed the “Fall in Love with Art” Exhibit of Fall Leaf Collages and Ultimate Playground Designs (in 3-Dimensions!) in the Hall of Art. More recently I have exhibited some of my “Wonderful Winter Art” with snowmen in a variety of hats and gestures, across the hall from the “All we need is... LOVE... All Year Round!” mural of warm and cool colorful hearts, highlighting some of the super cool Op-Art Hands and Hearts that were also created. 


There is so much great art that it was difficult for me to select the small number of works that I will present at the 2016 Superintendant's  Art Gallery next week, but I am delighted that we get to participate and I that we were able to submit 11 works of art. This work represents work from some of my students who are most serious about art, and shows a variety of projects to demonstrate the kind of inspired and creative art I enjoy seeing my students make here all the time! Of course I wish I could take more, but rest assured I will continue to display as much student art as I can - here - on the walls of my art room and in my hall!


I would proudly like to announce that the following students will have work exhibited at the Kingstree Middle Magnet School of the Arts gymnasium, where it will be recognized at the district awards program Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Anderson Primary Art at the 2016 Superintendant's Art Gallery 

Kahlia Oliver (2- Davis)

Morgan Pressley (2- Ouimette)

Tada-Shyon Kinlaw (1- G.Fleming)

Mariah McKelvey (1- G.Fleming) 

Dylan Redd (1- Faison) 

Valencia Staggers (1- Fulmore) 

Trayvaris Cohens (1- Fulmore)

Dereon Epps (1- Redden)

Anayah McFadden (K- Turner)

Kaiden Oliver (K- Burroughs)


and the school winner is... (drum roll please...)

Ryleigh Groff! (K- Pressley/Welch)


Congratulations for work well done!

Love, Mrs. Carmen Bilton, Art Teacher at Anderson Primary