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W. M. Anderson Primary School

Guidance Department

School Motto: "Children First!"


Ms. Pamela Prince
PK-2 School Counselor



Our School Counseling Program



Classroom lessons: All classrooms will have lessons with me throughout the school year. Topics include self, family, rules, manners, getting along, bullying, cooperation, careers, problem-solving, feelings and community.


Small groups: Small groups are offered to all classes. Some teachers choose to have all students in their classes participate in a small group for a few sessions, while others will ask for a group as the need arises. The groups may focus on friendship (most of them), anger management, loss, changing families, or other topics that teachers ask for.


Students are seen individually to help with short term issues affecting their ability to learn in class. If longer term counseling is indicated, I will refer parents to outside agencies or therapists. My duties includes other school-wide committees and activities, helping to organize events such as parents appreciation activities, student recognition programs, and more.