Matthew Cornale

Matthew Cornale


  1. What is your plan after graduation?

I plan on attending UW Madison after graduation to pursue a major in music education and a minor in mathematics.


  1. How did your experience in the Academy prepare you for after high school?

It taught me responsibility skills and how to manage my time efficiently and effectively so that I am on time with deadlines.  I learned how to lay out steps in order to complete a project, and how to hold myself to a professional standard in my work.


  1. Tell us about something you’re involved with here (a sport, club, cause) and how it’s changed you.

I have been in the band program for all four years of my high school career.  Being in band has taught me collaboration skills and has helped to increase my love for music.  It has also taught me how to manage multiple activities at a time.  Being in both band and the engineering academy is very demanding, and being involved in both has changed the way I use my time and plan my weeks.


  1. What has been the greatest challenge in the Academy?

The greatest challenge of being in the academy has been learning to discover how things work on my own.  In class, we are often given a project with little constraints and a lot of freedom, and we have to innovate on our own.  It is difficult to brainstorm and create a plan at first, but once the groundwork is laid, the project takes off on its own.


  1. What advice do you have for incoming students?

Don’t procrastinate.  Stay organized, and keep on top of your projects.   Try to work towards a long-term goal that you want to achieve throughout high school, and start planning for your future early.  Also, remember to have fun and make friends.  High school is a great opportunity for you to have fun while working hard and thinking about your future.