Sean Adrain

Sean Adrain
  1. What is your plan after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to attend the School of Engineering and the University of Milwaukee, and major in computer engineering.


  1. How did your experience in the Academy prepare you for after high school?

The engineering academy has given me insight on what the different engineering fields are like, and helped me choose the major I would enjoy the most.


  1. What teacher or adult have you connected with and why?

The teacher I connected the most with is Mr. Schmitt. He is nice, funny, and serious about the academics he teaches his students. I think these are qualities all students like in a teacher.


  1. Tell us about a great experience or opportunity you’ve had here.

A great experience I had in the engineering academy was when I got to use vex robotic parts to build a ping pong ball launcher.


  1. What has been the greatest challenge in the Academy?

The greatest challenge I've had is my EDD project, where myself and 2 others had to define a problem, and come up with a solution using the design process.