Jarod Burgardt

Jarod Burgardt
  1. What is your plan after graduation?

I plan on attending UW Stout after graduation to attain my bachelor's in fine arts degree for game design.


  1. How did your experience in the Academy prepare you for after high school?

It made me realize that a career in engineering was not for me and that I needed to find something that would let me use my imagination without limitation.


  1. What has been the greatest challenge in the Academy?

The greatest challenge in the Academy for me was digital electronics because the class itself was difficult to follow.


  1. What advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice to incoming students is keep your options open when it comes to a career. Let your electives reflect your interests and hobbies.


  1. What have you learned from other students?

What I've learned from other students in the academy is how the field of engineering is not for everyone and how I should follow my instincts when it comes to certain designs for a project.