Andrew Brandt

Andrew Brandt
  1. What is your plan after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to go to UW-Milwaukee and get my four year degree in the area of Engineering.


  1. How did your experience in the Academy prepare you for after high school?

The Engineering Academy helped me prepare for which area of engineering on in College. The Academy focuses on all areas so you can figure out what best interests you. The Academy also helped me be better prepared for the work force due to the amount of group work and collaboration needed to be successful in the Academy.


  1. What teacher or adult have you connected with and why?

The teacher I have really connected with throughout the Academy is Mr. Schmitt. This is because he understands how certain students learn best and makes sure you grasp the concept at hand before you walk out the classroom.


  1. What has been the greatest challenge in the Academy?

My greatest challenge in the Academy was learning how to use all of the new tools Equipment.


  1. What advice do you have for incoming students?

Stay on top of all your Academy work don't procrastinate on projects because it is easy to fall behind and once you are behind it’s hard to catch up.