About School Board Meetings

About School Board Meetings



Current School Board meeting information can be found online at:






The School Board will normally meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month except when necessary to alter the schedule due to conflicts with holidays.




The starting time for regular board meetings is 7 p.m.




Administration Building -Fisher

12121 W. North Avenue Upper Level-Conference Room C

Enter through the North Avenue entrances




Other Meetings


The School Board may call additional meetings on an as needed basis. Wisconsin's open meeting law requires posting of these meetings, including notification to the media, at least 24 hours in advance, except in the case of an emergency. Most special meetings begin at 7 p.m., although they may be scheduled on any day, at any time.


The Board may schedule executive sessions, either preceding or following another board meeting or at a separate time. Executive sessions permit the board to meet in closed session, in accordance with the exceptions to Wisconsin's open meeting law contained in Chapter 19.85(1) of the state statutes. The Board must first convene in open session and entertain a motion to go into executive session; this motion must stipulate the purpose of the executive session.

In addition to these meetings, which require public notice, board members also receive many invitations to attend school and district functions. Board members need to exercise caution when meeting in an unofficial capacity. When attending school functions, or even at social events, if more than three board members are present, they must avoid discussing any board-related information. If four or more School Board members are present, that constitutes a quorum and, therefore, any discussions of school issues could be considered a violation of the open meeting law if a meeting notice is not published.




The first part of each School Board meeting is the approval of the Consent Agenda, followed by action items, i.e., those items on which the School Board is expected to vote that night. Following are reports to the Board. Public comment on non-agenda items is accepted at the beginning and end of the meeting. Public comment on agenda items is accepted after each section of the agenda.


The order for both action items and reports to the Board normally is as follows:


  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Business Services
  • Human Resources
  • Student Learning
  • Student Services
  • Legislation
  • Other Business
  • Superintendent's Report


All School Board meetings are called to order and begin with a moment of silent reflection.


The School Board generally follows Robert's Rules of Order, except as superseded by board policy of past practice. For instance, the Board generally introduces policies at one meeting and votes on them at the next meeting , allowing time for public input and discussion.


In March 2001, the School Board adopted a Code of Conduct for the board. The Code covers the areas of: Laws and Regulations; Mutual Respect; Trust; Character; Responsibility; and Improvement.


Recorded Meetings

School board meetings can be viewed on the District web site.

The meetings can be viewed live through this live streaming link.




The School Board holds retreats to allow board members to discuss goals and plans for future District initiatives. These are publically posted meetings.