District Staffing Profile

District Staffing Profile

"We believe every staff member and volunteer wants to be successful,
has the ability to be successful and will be successful given the proper
support and encouragement." - Our Values Statement



Number of Employees
The Wauwatosa School District employs over 900 persons in the following job categories:

Administrator positions include the superintendent, directors, principals, associate principals and administrative positions in building and grounds, recreation and student services.

Educational Assistants
Educational Assistant positions include working with children who have special needs, clerical and instructional assistance in elementary schools and assignments to specific classrooms based on enrollment and student needs.

Clerical Support Personnel
There are approximately 40 clerical support employees for the district.

Computer Support Specialists
We employ full-time computer support specialists who provide support for computer applications in all schools and the central office.

Custodial and Maintenance Employees
These employees include custodians assigned to each school, as well as electricians, maintenance and operations relief workers.

Student Supervisors
Student supervisors provide hallway, bathroom and study hall supervision in the high schools and the juvenile detention center.

Each middle and high school employs a part-time supervisor/monitor providing supervision in the buildings during after-school hours, typically 4 to 7 p.m.



Teachers include not only classroom teachers but also guidance counselors, reading specialists, school psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, learning coordinators and library media specialists.

The district also employs nurses, hearing intrepreters, administrative assistants in the Administration Offices and program coordinators in the Recreation Department.