Employee Technology Guidelines

Employee Technology Guidelines

The Wauwatosa District encourages the informed and creative use of technology to enhance the educational experiences of our students and to facilitate communication and collaboration among our staff.  However, the use of technology must be done in a responsible manner.  Particular attention must be paid by professional educators when venturing into the realm of external social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc...).  In order to provide guidance to staff and ensure a high level of safety for both staff and students, the following technology guidelines have been prepared.


Direct links to these documents are embedded in the Employee Handbook and all staff are expected to be familiar with these guidelines.   For your convenience, these documents are posted separately below.


Technology Resources Acceptable Use Guidelines


Staff Use of General Social Networking


Staff Use of Facebook


Staff Use of Twitter


As always, we welcome comments and questions from staff members. Please feel free to contact Jamie Price, District Technology Coordinator, with any questions or concerns regarding the information contained in the above documents.