Gifted and Talented Education Overview

Gifted and Talented Education Overview
Basic information regarding gifted and talented education.

ImageThe Wauwatosa School District believes that all students are unique, have the ability to learn and achieve, and need opportunities for optimal development.  We believe that intelligences are dynamic and fluid and that educational systems should be responsive to students’ needs. 


Students with gifts and talents are capable of high performance and require differentiated and challenging educational services beyond those provided in the general school program. Gifted services span all grade levels, SK-12, and areas of gifted and talented identification and provide a variety of opportunities to students with a wide array of gifts, talents, and sustained interests.

Wisconsin State Statutes define gifted and talented students as, “Pupils enrolled in public schools who give evidence of high performance capability in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or specific academic areas and who need services or activities not ordinarily provided in a regular school program in order to fully develop such capabilities.” (from s.118.35(1), Wis. Stats.) 


Gifted and Advanced Learner Parent Brochure


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