Chapter 220Non Resident

Chapter 220-Non Resident

For more information about this program, contact Monica Caughlin, Debbie Hoppe or Kimberly Purcell at (414) 773-1080.

General Information

Currently 55 students transfer to the Wauwatosa School District through the Chapter 220 integration program, a program designed to increase the enrollment of minority children in suburban school districts.  Transportation is provided by the Milwaukee Public School system for those coming into the Wauwatosa School District.  In addition, approximately 8 Wauwatosa resident students take advantage of opportunities in the Milwaukee Public School district by their enrollment in MPS.  Wauwatosa was one of the first school districts in the area to participate in Chapter 220, dating back to 1976. The application period for the Chapter 220 program is held every January.



Beginning with the 2010 - 2011 school year the Wauwatosa School District is no longer able to accept new participants or allow transfers out of our school district for the Chapter 220 program.  Students who are already in the program are able to continue in this program. 




Milwaukee Public Schools Contact for Chapter 220:

          Milwaukee Public Schools
          5225 W. Vliet Street
          Milwaukee, WI 53208
          Phone:  (414) 475-8298