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Who's the Expert?

Educational Services

English Language Learners (ELL)               Kristin Bowers, 414.773.1080


School Counseling                                       Mark Carter, 414.773.1030


Equity Services                                            Willie Garrison, 414.773.1080


Special Education Evaluations                     Joe Daley, 414-773-1093


Special Education and Compliance             Therese Kwiatkowski, 414.773.1080



School Health Related Services

District Nurse                                               Katelyn Lasse, Specialized Health Care Nurse, 414.773.1961


Student Transfer Programs

Chapter 220                                                  Student Services, 414.773.1080


Intra-district Transfers                                   Student Services, 414.773.1080


Public School Open Enrollment                    Student Services, 414.773.1080 


Tuition Waivers                                             Student Services, 414.773.1080              

Safe and Healthy Schools

Tosa United Parent/Community                      Fred Robinson, 414.773.2966


PBIS-Postitive Behavioral Interventions
  and Supports                                                 Willie Garrison, 414.77.1080

Services for "At-Risk" Students including homeless

Homeless                                                        Rachel Kumferman, Social Worker 414.773.1533



Alternative Education Programs                     Willie Garrison, 414.773.1080