2015 Graduation Guidelines and Regulation

2015 Graduation Guidelines and Regulation

Graduation Date/Times


Date: Saturday, June 6, 2015

Place: Montagne Center, 4400 MLK Parkway

Time: Ozen High School – 10:00 AM

West Brook High School – 2:00 PM

Central Medical Magnet High School – 6:00 PM


Graduation Pictures/Videos

? Beaumont ISD will show each graduation ceremony via Livestream on the Beaumont ISD

website. Go to bmtisd.com, select News and Events, then WebTV to access the broadcast.

The direct link is: http://www.beaumont.k12.tx.us/vportal/grad.html

Please note that the live stream will not be active until the day of the event.

? Graduation video and photography will be provided at each ceremony. Please check with

the high school campus for order forms and purchasing information.


Spectator Guidelines

At the request of the Fire Marshal, Beaumont ISD, and Montagne Center officials, the following

guidelines must be strictly followed:

? Do not block or stand in the aisles or ramps to take pictures.

? Only Beaumont ISD approved photographers are permitted on the floor.

? No helium balloons are permitted.

? No air horns are allowed.

? No signs of any kind can be attached to the railings or walls.

? No spectators are allowed in the area where the graduates are lined up for processional.

? No laser pointers are allowed.


Student Guidelines

Each individual campus will have more information and specific guidelines to which all students

must adhere in order to walk at graduation.


Final Transcripts

All colleges and universities require a final transcript. Be sure you turn in a Final Transcript

Request Form to the Registrars’ Office. Complete name and address of the student’s selected

college and/or university is required.


Special Seating Accommodations

Family members requiring wheelchair access will be assisted by Montagne Center and/or

district personnel and directed to available seating options.


Final Reminder

We want to remind all Seniors, as well as guests, that Commencement is viewed as a time of

achievement, recognition, and most of all – dignity.

We want to make this day a special and memorable one for you and your student.