Exemption Criteria

Exemption Criteria

Beaumont ISD Spring Semester Exam Exemption Criteria 2017


Exemptions from Final Exams are an honor earned by students who attend school regularly, follow the student code of conduct, master the required content and demonstrate required grades.


High School students will qualify for exemptions based on the following criteria:


Grade Levels:  9th - 12th. Must be enrolled in subject/course entire semester (including if transferring from another district/school) to be eligible for exemptions.


Attendance:   No more than 4 absences per semester (i.e. UN, EX, DAD).

     Note: TEA allowable absences considered as legally present do not count against student. (i.e. FT, DNP, REL, etc.,)


Discipline:    No discipline, w/exception of 1 period SAC


Fines/Fees:   No outstanding fines or fees.


Grades:  Must have course average of 79.5 inclusive of both nine week

grading periods for the semester. (Teachers will have to calculate overall average based on remaining assignment grades entered in the grade book)


Exemptions:  9th and 10th Grades - 2 exemptions

                        11th and 12th Grades - 3 exemptions


Testing Days: Students must attend class or required activities during final exam week in order to receive exemptions. Students may not use 4 allowable absences in lieu of attending class/activities during final exam week. Students absent from class will receive a 0 (or code of M, which translates to 0) for the final exam grade and may be required to make-up the exam at later date unless administrative approval for an uncontrollable emergency is authorized (death, serious accident, etc.,).