Grade level Info

Grade level Info
Specific information for each grade level

Helpful Links

* Check out Khan Academy for help with an array of courses and test prep.

* Virtual SC   - Test prep for SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP exams

* SC State Library has a site to help with being college and career ready with skill building, test prep, and more.

     (click:  A-Z List then Learning Express Library)

* Dual Credit - Info from TTC . ACCUPLACER Placement Test practice: State Library, Sample questions,



College & Career Planning eBook: 6 easy ways to start preparing for what's next



Reality Town will take place on January 26. All 9th graders will have an opportunity to learn why having a good GPA will benefit them during and after high school. They will have careers based on their GPAs and encounter different aspects of adult life, such as paying mortgage, insurance, purchasing vehicles, grocery, etc.

Volunteers are appreciated. Contact Ms. Jordan or Mr. Mosley for more information.



* The PSAT was administered on October 19. Results will be shared 2nd semester.

* PSAT test prep



* The PSAT was administered on October 19. Results wil be shared 2nd semester.

* PSAT test prep

* Internship

 * Scholarships for Juniors*

   -> The Blache R. Dudley Character Scholarship
   -> Emma Wilder Johnson Scholarship
   -> 2017 George Sink Valor Award

Applications available in the School Counseling office or online.


Youth Apprenticeship Program



* College Application Day - October 5, 2016 Seniors had the opportunity to complete college applications with the help of
college reps from around the state. (College Application Day booklet) .
Students should ask their School Counselor questions about the college application progress when needed.


* The ASVAB was be adminstered in the Fall and Spring. If you missed it or need to retest contact your recruiter.


    Test prep:

  • Today's military
  • South Carolina's Virtual Library

                   A-Z List> Learning Express Library > Career Center > Join the Military


It's your senior year, what should you be doing?
* Ask your School Counselor questions about college applications, scholarships, military testing, and career development.
* Make sure to register for the SAT/ACT.
* Complete the COMPASS placement exam if you plan to attend Trident Technical College or another 2-year college that requires this placement exam.COMPASS is given at FDHS once a month or you can take it at TTC

*Speak with military recruiter if you are planning or considering to enter the military after graduation.
* Make sure to meet all deadlines for college applications, scholarships, requesting transcripts, and test scores.

* South Carolina Teaching Fellows application is open from Sept 1 to December 1. Students interested in majoring in Educaiton and a career in teaching can receive $24,000 and academic support.

* Intro Classroom presentation

Click here to watch a video on college enrollment