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Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs)
Individual Graduation Plan (IGPs)

Individual Graduation Plans are designed to guide students toward their education, career, and employment goals. During your Individual Graduation Plan meeting we will discuss college and career resources, interpret career and college assessments, opportunities related to the student's future goals, as well as general graduation requirements and coursework. IGPs also help students align their high school courses with college entrance requirements. These plans are flexible and can change based on the student's aspirations, abilities, and interests.

Senior IGPs begin at the beginning of September and underclassmen IGPs generally begin in late October/early November.



Clusters of Study



South Carolina has organized professions and careers into 16 broad categories. These Clusters of Study were developed by the U.S. Department of Education. Each cluster has its own coursework designed to help students better understand their chosen field of interest. Each public school district will offer a minimum of three clusters.