Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

What scholarship information does FDHS have in their office? 

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Additional Scholarship inforamtion.



A revolutionary new private messaging & gaming app called BLUR is launching and we will be giving away thousands of dollars in scholarship and prizes every day! All you have to do are the things you do every day: be social and game.  Download "BLUR: Games, Chat & Prizes" on the App Store for iPhone users or "BLUR: Messaging Powered Up" on the Google Play store for Android users and begin winning scholarship money and prizes from our partner brands.



Gamma Zeta Scholarship Opportunity

Click on title to see flyer. Applications are due on September 30, 2018

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation - Scholarships

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What is Financial Aid and am I eligible for financial assistance? 

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What are some websites that I could use to search for scholarships?