School Drop Offx2fPick Up

School Drop Off/Pick Up

We understand that some mornings are hectic and many afternoons are chaotic. Not matter how late we are or how big of a hurry we may be in, NOTHING is as important as the safety or the lives of our children! Let's work together and all follow these safety standards.

  1. Discuss and plan a safe arrival/dismissal procedure with your family.
  2. Always use sidewalks and crosswalks. Not only are we concerned about your safety, but you could also get a ticket!  
  3. Obey all laws and rules of the road--speed limit is 25 mph in school zone, no U-turn on Sunset Crossing.
  4. Reserve the parking lot for staff and buses only. All parking is assigned parking. Buses and staff are driving in/out before/after school. Do NOT drive or walk through the parking lot.
  5. Stay in your vehicle while in the loading zone. Do NOT exit your car while dropping off/picking in this lane.
  6. Keep the bus loading zone free. We have 5 buses that transport students to and from our school. We must have a designated drop off/pick up area for them. Do NOT drive or park in bus loading zone.
  7. Only allow students to exit on the passenger side of your car in the loading zone. When children exit on the driver's side, they are in the line of traffic on a busy, narrow street. If you have child locks, car seats, or other obstacles that do not allow students to exit on the passenger side, please park you car and walk students to school. Do not let child exit on driver's side.
  8. Please do not drop off your child prior to 7:30am on Monday-Thursday and 8:00am on Friday as there is no supervision and it is not safe.
  9. Be respectful and considerate to crossing guards, campus security staff, and other drivers. After all, we all have the same goal of keeping our kids safe!