Parking Lot Rules

Parking Lot Rules

Parking Lot Rules (Loading and Unloading)

For the safety of all of our students, please follow the directions of our school personnel responsible for directing traffic and enforcing our school’s parking lot rules. 


Thank you for your cooperation.




¨     The Montvue Parking Lot Has Two Lanes of Traffic:


  • ¨      Parking: Lane No. 1
  • ¨      is for exiting the parking lot only – is a through lane
  • ¨      cutting in front of cars in Lane No. 2 is not permitted.
  • ¨      stopping in parking lane is not permitted


*Under no circumstances are children to be picked up or dropped off from this lane!!!


  • ¨      Drop Off & Pick Up: Lane No. 2 (Loading & Unloading Zone)
  • ¨      is for pick up and drop off only
  • ¨      keep moving forward to drop off or pick up students
  • ¨      do not leave your car – absolutely no parking in Lane No. 2!!!
  • ¨      exit the parking lot with caution for student / adult’s safety
  • Please allow anyone parked in the handicapped zone to exit when necessary
  • No parking in Red Zones
  • If you need to leave your car for any reason, please park in a designated parking space or on the street
  • No parking in “STAFF” designated parking stalls
  • Allow extra time in the morning  & establish a routine. For example: a) discuss daily plans before you leave the house, b) give hugs and kisses at home, c) put backpacks in the seat next to your child, not in the trunk
  • Students may only exit on the right side of the car; exiting on the left side exposes your child to oncoming traffic in Lane No. 1 and is extremely dangerous.