Regional Occupancy Program Course Descriptions

Floral Design  

    In this course students will take part in learning about the Floral Industry and will also be exposed to the various career opportunities within this field. Students will have the opportunity to work in a local Flower Shop as an intern and will earn credits while receiving hands-on training. Shop training will consist of working directly with fresh flowers and plants as well as helping customers with their purchases. Participants will also "job shadow", learning the proper way to wire-out orders using the store computer system. Subject matter will consist of: 

Retail Occupations

Welcome to Retail Occupations! This course will consist of first semester basics and second semester advanced training. Students will have an opportunity to earn additional credits by working (for credits) in one of our community retail stores as an intern. By successfully completing the Retail Readiness/Customer Service Prep work students will also have an opportunity to become "certified" in customer service.

Subject matter will include:

  • Proper work ethics/attitude and behavior/personal development
  • Professional selling skills and techniques
  • Cash register operations/proper cash counting & handling
  • Safety in the industry
  • Customer Service and Retail Readiness Training
  • Communication skills development
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Proper completion of employment applications and resumes
  • How to succeed in a job interview
  • Employment opportunities in the industry