Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

Students are not to have in their possession (including in book bags and PE lockers) nor bring the following items to school:

a. Radios, CD Players, IPods, Electronic Games and or devices, potable video

b. Cellular Phones during school hours.

c. Drugs, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, cigarettes, tobacco, cigarette papers, cigarette lighters, pipes, matches, “look-alikes and related paraphernalia.

d. Bicycles, scooters (without locks)

e. Walking sticks and canes

f. Water guns, water balloons

g. Gang identification paraphernalia including but not limited to: gloves, rags/bandannas

h. Gambling devices- dice, playing cards, etc.

i. Toys, which are realistic simulations of guns or knives

j. Explosive devices, firecrackers, fire balls, cherry bomb, etc.

k. Non-Ganesha purchased hats.

l. Weapons (like guns, knives, brass knuckle, etc. but not limited to these items)

m. Noise-makers

n. Permanent markers, spray paint and/or any other item used for graffiti

o. Any items considered to be a possible disruption to the school day or studentlearning or items found to possibly jeopardize the welfare and safety of other students, school property, and staff

p. Dogs, cats, other pets/animals

The above items will be confiscated, and the student will be subject to disciplinary action. Items will be returned only to a parent / guardian. The office will not take responsibility for lost damaged or confiscated items.