About Us

About Us



Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design is a learning community focused around Engineering and Design that provides real connections and applications for the concepts that students are learning using student collaboration, project- or problem-based learning, connections to industry and the business world, and partnerships with post-secondary institutions to ensure that all students are college- and career-ready.



Fremont Academy will provide every student a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) focus that is academically challenging, giving attention to both technical and soft skills and promoting a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college and career goals through data-driven, project-based, research-based and standards-based instruction. Expectations are explicit, doing the right thing is recognized and appreciated, learning is collaborative, hands-on, kinesthetic and connected to the world outside of school.


Fremont Academy Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Fremont Academy Students Will:

                             Satisfy all graduation requirements.

                                Meet A-G requirements

                                Pass CAHSEE

                                Master state content standards

                             Obtain leadership and organizational skills

                                Develop strong communication & technological skills

                                Collaborate efficiently to solve problems

                                Effectively manage time and commitments

                             Accomplish long and short-term goals

                                Think critically

                                Actively engage in learning

                                Make thoughtful and reflective decisions

                             Respect the local and global community

                                Value diversity

                                Contribute positively

                                Utilize resources responsibly