Social Science Course Descriptions

Social Science Course Descriptions

World History, 7th Grade

 Students will study major world civilizations, including civilizations in Africa, China, Japan, Europe, and the Americas. They will study the political, social, economic, religious, and cultural changes over time through analysis and connect these changes to recent times. Major time periods include the Fall of the Roman Empire, Spread of Islam, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Age of Exploration.  Standards

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United States History, 8th Grade

 Students will examine themes and events in the United States History from its founding up through the early 1900’s. Students will develop a variety of skills that will enable them to successfully and critically think, communicate, collaborate, and create. They will learn and practice skills utilizing technology that will allow them to compete in the global economy with twenty first century skills. To develop these essential skills there will be a variety of rigorous assignments, projects, and activities incorporating the SAMR model (substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition).


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