Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my student’s current grade?

Parent Connect is available.  Sign in login and password can be obtained from the school.   Please access our website at and click on the “Parents” tab at the top of the page, and click on Parent Connect from the drop down menu to access the login page.


How do I set an appointment to meet my student’s counselor?

Please call Garey High School (909) 397-4451 - the attendance office will be able to set an appointment with the counselor.   


What do I do if I’m having difficulty in a class?
The first person a student or parent needs to contact is the classroom teacher. The student, teacher and parent can then work together to create a plan for the student’s academic success. The best way to contact a teacher is via email. The format for email addresses is the first name of the teacher followed by his/her last name and (For example, Garey Viking would be You can also email teachers via Parent Connect.


Is tutoring available?

Tutoring is available after school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Room 502.


How can a student obtain a work permit?

Please see Mrs. Yarbrough in the Career Center (Room 202)


Can I change my schedule?

Class changes are made only for academic purposes. Elective changes are only made based on availability.

Your request can be denied but not limited to the following reasons:

  • The class requested is closed/full.
  • The student does not meet the prerequisite for the class.
  • Changes are not made for a specific teacher.
  • Teachers may not request a student to attend a particular period.
  • No changes for a particular nutrition break or lunch.
  • No period changes or reordering of classes.
  • No more than one (1) teacher’s aide position is permitted.
  • Changes are not made due to participation in extracurricular activities.
  • The student did not meet the deadline for class changes.


What are PUSD’s graduation requirements?

English (40 credits)

Math (30 credits – Math 1 or equivalent included in 3 years of Math)

Science (20 credits – including biological and physical)

Health (5 credits)

Physical Education (20 credits)

Social Science (30 credits – including US History, World History, Civics/Economics)

Fine & Performing Arts OR Foreign Language (10 credits)

Vocational Education (10 credits)

Tech. Ed for the 21st Century (5 credits)

Electives (50 credits)

Total 220 credits


What are A-G Requirements?

Subject Requirements

A. History: Two years required: One year of U.S History, or ½ year of U.S. History and ½ year of Government, and one year of World History.

B. English: Four years of composition and literature.

C. Mathematics: Three years required; four years recommended

D. Laboratory Science:  Two years required, in at least two of these areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, three years recommended.

E. Language other than English: Two years required; three years recommended (a minimum of two years of the same language).

F. Visual & Performing Arts: One year of UC approved Visual and Performing Arts required.

G. College preparatory Elective: College preparatory electives; one year.

All courses must earn a grade of "C" or higher. No D grades.


What are my credit recovery options?

·         Summer School

·         APEX (junior and senior year)

When can I apply for summer school?

Summer school applications are usually ready in late March/early April. Please listen for the announcements. Summer school applications can be picked up from the attendance office. Admission is limited and is based on a first come first serve basis. 

Where can I find information on financial aid and scholarships?

Please visit for information on financial aid.

For information on the Dream Act, please visit

For monthly scholarship information, visit

Fastweb ( has information on finding scholarships.

Additionally, more information can be found at the Career Center (Rm. 202) on campus.


What are colleges looking for?

  • Core high school grades-Low grades from 9th and 10th are hard to pull up in 11th and 12th!
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Rigor of coursework (Honors, AP’s -balance is important, choose to take rigorous coursework in subjects you enjoy the most)
  • Counselor evaluation/Teacher evaluation
  • Co-Curricular Activities (clubs, athletics, fine arts, church youth group; committed & dedicated in a few activities is usually better than a little involvement in numerous activities)
  • Community Service/Volunteer Work
  • Essays, resume/portfolio


When should I start applying to colleges?

By the fall of their senior year, students should have a good idea where they want to apply and should begin their applications online. Some colleges offer Early Action Admission which means applications are due around Oct. 15th. They will review an application submitted early and will give the applicant an admissions decision by mid-December. These early programs are also more competitive, and many schools won't let a rejected early applicant enter the regular applicant pool. Regular admissions deadlines vary from college to college;  be sure to check their websites for specifics.


What is Garey High School’s CEEB code?

Our CEEB code is 052501.


My student is planning to participate in college athletics, are there any specific requirements?

Yes, he/she will have to register with either the NAIA or NCAA. Check with the college to find which they use. NAIA: Register at, you will need a credit card, must request a transcript be sent to them. NCAA: Register at, you will need a credit card, must request a transcript be sent to them. Must send SAT/ACT scores to NAIA and NCAA (they will not take off of the transcript).