The Longhorns Project

The Longhorns Project

The Longhorn Project 

The Longhorn Project is a 'Commercial' based performing arts academy that brings musically talented students together to form bands, groups, and solo artists. Public Performance is the primary objective of the Longhorn Project musicians, and gigs are scheduled throughout the school year, on and off campus. Auditions are held in September, just after the school's Club-Rush Week. Focused rehearsals are held on a regular interval during weekdays and on scheduled Saturdays. Students are expected to provide their own instruments and practice regularly, and private or group music lessons are encouraged. If you are intent on joining or starting your own high school band, or joining a high school musical theater, The Longhorn Project is the perfect platform to build your Portfolio Base.

For additional information, and for information on audition requirements, click on the following link.


Rehearsals are held in room 306.  Days & Times are To Be Determined


Advisor: Mr. Lee