Safety Preparedness

Safety Preparedness

Safety Preparedness

As parents we face many challenges in providing for and nurturing our children. None is more important than the safety and welfare of each and every one of them. This concern certainly does not stop when we send our children to school.

As we become increasingly aware of predictions from scientists of a potentially severe earthquake to strike our region, many of us have made preparations at our homes to help cope with such an emergency. In support of this concern, the Montvue staff has developed a comprehensive earthquake preparedness plan. In conjunction with this plan, we will continue to collect and update emergency preparations for our school. Pomona Unified School District and Montvue’s Safety and Emergency Disaster Committee has a plan in place to provide food, water and other supplies for your children in the event of a major disaster. If you are on campus during an emergency, you will be expected to “Drop, Duck and Cover” at the nearest shelter.

Earthquake Preparedness

In case of an earthquake, students will be released ONLY to parents or authorized adults. We have evacuation drills so that everyone on campus knows exactly what to do and where to go. In order to be adequately prepared, district-wide drills are conducted annually.

Fire Drills

We also practice safe evacuation of classrooms in the event of a fire. Routes are posted in every classroom and are aligned with the District’s evacuation procedures. To ensure safety of our students, fire drills are practiced monthly.

Lock Down Drills

In the event of an unforeseen incident (burglary in the neighborhood, police chase, etc.), students and teachers are safer in their classrooms. The front office will announce the Lock Down using our school-wide PA system. Staff immediately locks their doors and waits for further instructions. No one is allowed to leave or come on campus until an "all clear" is given.

Smog Alerts

A county program has been initiated to limit the activity of children during a Smog Alert. During risk days the District Office maintains contact with the Department of Air Pollution. When the ozone content reaches the critical point, our school will be notified. At that point, physical activity will be limited (Yellow Flag) or curtailed (Red Flag) until school ends or the alert ends.