Music and Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts

Mr. Micah Sprague

Department Chairperson

Phone: 914-332-6223


The Sleepy Hollow Music Department offers students a variety of courses and musical experiences throughout Middle School and High School.  Our programs and ensembles have been recognized for their excellence locally and nationally and are privileged to perform in our high class modern facility.  The talented and dedicated staff members are committed to helping every student create a valuable and memorable artistic life in Sleepy Hollow.  We are very proud to have over 30 percent of High School students involved in our programs. 

Sleepy Hollow Music Faculty

Choral Director: Mrs. Gail Persad

Orchestra Director: Mrs. Brittney Trenczer

Band Director & Music Production: Mr. Austin Day

Exploratory Music: Mrs. Lisa DiNome

Band Director & Department Chair: Mr. Micah Sprague