Senior Year WrapUp April 26 2017

Senior Year Wrap-Up April 26, 2017

Class of 2017







SENIOR FINAL EXAMS: Wednesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 25

  • Ø  These are full days of school



In order to participate in the graduation events, seniors must meet the PUSD graduation requirements in terms of credits, course work, and testing.  Seniors should consult their counselors to verify their status.


SENIOR SUNSET: Thursday, May 25

  • Ø  6:30 – 10:00 PM
  • Ø  Included in Graduation Package; Individual Tickets $6
  • Ø  Seniors Only – No Guests
  • Ø  End of Senior Sunset is the deadline for paying for tickets allocated in lottery.



CLEARANCE: Friday, May 26

In order to “walk” in the graduation ceremony, seniors must “clear.”  This means:

  • Ø  The student must meet all the academic requirements for graduating in the Pomona Unified School District.
  • Ø  All library materials and textbooks have been returned; all library fines have been paid. (If possible, turn in books as you no longer need them. Don’t wait until the last day to return everything you have.) You will be given a library clearance ticket. Attach it to your clearance form.
  • Ø  All athletic equipment and uniforms have been returned. All seniors will check out with Ms. Cheney. Start early, especially if you have not participated in sports. She will sign your clearance form.
  • Ø  Activities Clearance, including equipment, supplies and obligations to ASB and to clubs.
  • Ø  Teacher/Coach IOUs have been cleared.
  • Ø  Graduation contract has been submitted.
  • Ø  Pick-up cap and gown. (A Herff Jones representative will be available to take payments, if payment has not been made.)
  • Ø  The process is done by alpha at designated times TBA.





  • Ø  Extended Picture Deadline: May 15. Submit pictures to for the slide show.
  • Ø  Audition Deadline: Last chance, submit application to Myricca by May 10.
  • Ø  Rehearsal: Friday May 26, 1:00 PM
  • Ø  Event: Friday, May 26, 7:00 PM.
  • Ø  Event is open to graduates and their families and friends. Two tickets included in each Graduation Package. Extra tickets are $6; they can be purchased in the Account Clerk’s Office beginning May 15
  • Ø  Graduates wear gowns, no caps, medals, awards, or sashes.




  • Ø  Submit initial awards list at Senior Assembly on April 26.
  • Ø  Beginning Friday, May 5, check lists on the windows of the Activities Office to submit corrections and updates.
  • Ø  Friday, May 12: Last day to submit corrections/updates for program.
  • Ø  Friday, May 26: Last day to submit additions for the Power point/announcing
  • Ø  Event is open to graduates and their families and friends. Two tickets included in Graduation Package. Extra tickets are $7 each; they can be purchased in the Account Clerk’s Office beginning May 15.
  • Ø  Graduates wear gowns, no caps, medals, awards, or sashes.



GRADUATION PRACTICE: Wednesday, May 31, 2017

  • Ø  It is MANDATORY
  • Ø  9:00 AM until we are done. End Time -------?????
  • Ø  Graduation tickets are distributed at this rehearsal.



GRADUATION: Thursday,  June 1, 2017


ì  Parking  - Each senior will receive two parking passes.

  • o   The parking pass will get you parking on the lower fields.
  • o   One pass may be exchanged to purchase a Preferred Parking Pass for $15. There is a limited number of preferred spaces. Parking passes will be distributed with graduation tickets at practice on May 31.
  • o   Seniors who purchased personalized spaces have their space, in addition to the allocated two..

ì  Arrive at school at 5:00 PM. Proceed to the portables. Find the portable to which you have been assigned. You will be searched as you enter the portable.

ì  Seniors must wear the cap and gown. If purchased, the class medal should be worn..

  • o   This is a formal event. Tennis shoes are not appropriate.
  • o   High heels will not be allowed on the field. Wear flats or wedges. Shoes are required.
  • o   Do not alter the cap or gown in any way.
  • o   Graduation regalia is limited to cords and stoles awarded by the school site (approved by ASB and the site administration) or the Pomona Unified School District

ì  Seniors will not be allowed to carry anything. Leave all purses, cameras, phones, flowers, leis, etc. in your cars. Items such as these will be confiscated.

ì  You will line up in an assigned classroom in the portables.

ì  Seniors MUST be in their line-up space by 6:00 PM.



ì  Guests will only be allowed to park at DRHS if they have a parking pass. If they have a ticket for the ceremony, but no parking pass, they will not be allowed to park at Diamond Ranch.

ì  For guests with blue handicap parking placards, there will be handicap parking across from the gym. These cars must have a parking pass, as well.

ì  Regular parking will be on the lower fields. A small number of preferred parking spaces will be sold on a first come, first served basis. These cars will be allowed to park in the upper lot.

ì  Admittance to graduation is by ticket only. Every human being entering the gate must have a ticket.

ì  The gates to the stadium will open for guests at 6:00 PM.

ì  Admittance to graduation is by ticket only.

ì  The following items are not allowed in the stadium:  balloons, noisemakers, excessively large floral arrangements, bottles, food, and coolers. If these come to the gate, guests will either have to take them back to their cars or leave them at the gate at their own risk.

ì  Entrance to the stadium is by ticket only.

ì  There will be wheelchair seating. Wheelchairs will enter the stadium via the ramp off the preferred parking lot. Wheelchair seating will be limited to the individual in the wheel chair and one escort. (Each –the person in the wheel chair and the escort - must have their own ticket  [two tickets total] to the ceremony.)

ì  Entrance to graduation is by ticket only.

ì  Strollers may not be brought into the bleachers. Strollers will be parked in front of the gate adjacent to the band room. Strollers are parked at the owner’s risk.

ì  The graduate procession will begin at 7:00 PM. At 6:55, the gate (the entrance to the stadium ramp in the parking lot) will stop admitting guests until the procession is over and the graduates are seated. Anyone not in the Grand Stands at 6:55 will have to wait for the procession to end to enter the stadium.

ì  The ceremony should be no longer than an hour and a half.

ì  Entrance to graduation is by ticket only! Any human being, including children, who enters the stadium MUST have a ticket!


Graduation Tickets

ì  Admittance to the graduation ceremony is by ticket only.

ì  Each graduating senior is allotted 4 tickets.

ì  The grad package includes 2 tickets.

ì  Additional tickets will be allocated for purchase by lottery.

  1. 1.     These tickets will be sold for $7 each.
  2. 2.     Request Forms to be placed in the lottery for Additional Graduation Tickets are currently available in the Activities Office. They must be submitted to the Activities Office by April 28.
  3. 3.     The lottery will be conducted and students announced by May 3.
  4. 4.     Selected seniors have until the end of Senior Sunset on May 25 to pay for lottery tickets.
  5. 5.     Tickets that are not paid for by the end of Senior Sunset will be sold on a first come, first served basis in the Activities Office on May 26 beginning at 7:00 AM. (The school gates will not open early that morning. Do not come at 0-Dark-30) 
  6. 6.     All tickets (and parking passes) will be distributed at graduation practice on May 31.


Diploma Pick-up

ì  Following the ceremony, graduates will process immediately to the classroom in which they lined up.

ì  They will pick-up their diplomas.

ì  Graduates will then move to the horseshoe parking lot in front of the administration building. Parents and friends may greet graduates in that area.


Leaving Diamond Ranch

ì  At approximately 8:15 PM, the drive-way to Diamond Ranch will close to traffic into the school.

ì  At the conclusion of the ceremony, cars  will use all four lanes to leave Diamond Ranch.

ì  Traffic back into DR will not be possible until at least 9:00 PM.




Grad Night is sponsored by the Panther Pride Association (PPA). The PPA is a non-profit organization, which supports Diamond Ranch. Grad Night is a private party. It is sponsored by neither the Pomona Unified School District, nor Diamond Ranch High School.


The DRHS Grad Night is at Disneyland on June 6. Tickets were purchased through the PPA. Students and the parents of students who are attending Grad Night must attend a meeting to review the rules for the evening and to finalize contracts. Contracts must be signed by parents in the presence of a PPA Board member. The meeting will be scheduled for a Tuesday or Thursday in May. Information will be released as soon as available.




Sponsored by the

Associated Student Body of

Diamond Ranch High School

Serving Diamond Ranch…One Panther at a Time

Diamond Ranch High School

Class of 2017


Updates and changes to senior events will be announced in the daily bulletin, distributed in the Senior Newsletter, and posted on the website and in the principal’s weekly update.