Fieldtrips Birthday Recognitions and School Events

Fieldtrips Birthday Recognitions and School Events


Field Trips

In order to provide students with enhanced learning opportunities, fieldtrips are scheduled by our Montvue teachers throughout the school year (pending the availability of school funds). For the safety and security of all students, parents may be asked to attend a classroom field trip, either as a Parent Volunteer to assist the teacher in the supervision of children or as a Parent Participant to assist the teacher in the supervision of the parent’s child. Parents may not bring younger children or other children on field trips. Also, due to limited seating on a bus, we are required to limit the number of parents that can attend any given fieldtrip. All parents attending a field trip as a Parent Volunteer must have a completed and approved Volunteer Application on file, including a valid identification and TB test (with date given and date read). All Parent Volunteers must be fingerprinted. See the front office if you have questions regarding the difference between a Parent Volunteer and a Parent Participant.


Birthday Recognitions

In order to preserve instructional time and respect teacher lesson plans, birthdays are only celebrated at the end of the school day. Previous arrangement with the classroom teacher is required. Please do not bring birthday refreshments or snacks without checking with the teacher first (at least one week in advance). Students and siblings from other classes are not permitted to leave their classrooms to attend celebrations in another classroom.

School Events

A variety of school events are held throughout the school year: Back-to-School Night, Family Literacy Nights, Family Movie Nights, Open House, etc. With the exception of after-school dances, all Montvue students (regardless of age) must be accompanied by an adult during school-sponsored events.