Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Thanks for your interest in Accelerated Reader! Accelerated Reader (A.R.) supplements our Language Arts program and is offered at many schools and districts around the country.


How does A.R. work? Our students have many opportunities to read in class throughout the school day. After finishing a book, students may sign up to take a computerized quiz on the book. The quizzes ask anywhere from 5 to 20 basic comprehension questions about the book.


Points are awarded based on the number of correct questions. Our District and school-wide goal is that students pass the quizzes with at least 85% accuracy. Teachers help students find their reading level range, and encourage students to take quizzes on books in their specific range.  Goals are set each quarter by the teachers, and students who reach their goals are awarded quarterly.


Other considerations:

  1. Students accumulate points from year to year. 
  2. Students may only take a quiz on a book one time. 
  3. A.R. has quizzes on most books, including books from our school library.


What happens with the points? The Principal awards custom AR point dogtag necklaces Student of the Month Awards Assemblies.