Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment is defined as UNWELCOME sexual advances, verbal, visual, or physical such as:

  • Sexual comments
  • Threats of a sexual nature
  • Comments about body parts
  • Unwelcome touches
  • Cornering or blocking movements
  • Sexual gesture
  • Displaying of obscene and vulgar sexual objects, pictures, etc.
  • Sexual looks or propositions
  • Spreading sexual rumors
  • Whistling
  • Put-downs or ridiculing while mentioning gender
  • Unwanted sexual pressure from staff and students


1. Tell the harasser to STOP. If harassment doesn’t stop, go to #2

2. Write down what happened. Include date and time

3. Talk to any staff member with whom you are comfortable

4. If the problem is still unresolved, contact the school principal or any other administrator