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Yearbook (School Yearbook)

Advisor: Mrs. Wilson

Meeting: TBD by week at lunch and after school

Location: Classroom C1 (lab use) and C2 (classroom use)

Contact email:

Student officers: President: Graciela Cobian; President Elect: Beatriz Gaxiola; VP: Enixe Aguilar

Purpose: To encourage high standards of journalism, scholarship and citizenship, to advance the welfare of its members, to protect the rights of its members and to provide a common means of interchange between the  Yearbook and the Inter-Club Council.  The club also takes pictures at school activities, develop the school yearbook, and assist with the club's finances.


Membership: By Application Only1.) Must have had a 2.0 grade point average in the previous school year2.) No “N’s” or “U’s” in citizenship. 3.) Must have a teacher recommendation (part of the application).