Our 2016-17 Membership Drive is in full swing.  Please send your Membership envelope back to school.

Easy ways to help our school:

1.  Box Tops:  Send in Box Tops For Education, found on many products that you purchase and use every day.   We get 10 cents per Box Top sent in.  We can potentially make hundreds of dollars for our school every year!  Visit for more information.  Please send any Box Tops to your child's classroom.   Thanks for your help!

2.  Sign up for escrip:  Go to to register your Vons Card, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, or Debit cards to our school.  We get a percentage back from eScrip. Register your cards under our account, "Diamond Point P.T.A." Thanks so much!  NOTE:  Vons Cards need to be re-registered annually to designate our school.  Please make sure you re-designate our school every fall.

3.  Target:  Target has a great "Take Charge of Education" program that donates a portion of your Target RED card (visa) purchases to the school of your choice.  Visit to designate Diamond Point as your school.  Thank you!