Accidents and Illness If students become ill at school, they will be taken to the health office and parents will be notified. In case of an emergency, a school nurse is also called if she is not on duty that day. It is very important that we have current phone numbers where parents can be reached. We should also have a doctor’s name and a second home where the student can be taken if we are unable to reach parents.

Students will never be sent home alone. Students cannot be released to an adult not listed on the emergency card. We need parents to promptly return completed Emergency Cards. Please include as many adults as possible. Students who are in splints, casts or using crutches are not permitted on the playground. It is an expectation that families will notify the health office if a student cannot participate in play. Your support with this communication is essential to the safety and health of your child(ren).

If students are involved in accidents or become ill in the classroom, they must report it to their teacher immediately. If students are involved in accidents while on the playground, they must report this to campus supervisors or to the front office immediately. This is for July 2013 16 the student's protection. Every effort is made to prevent situations that could lead to injuries during school hours.

PLEASE NOTE: No one under the age of 18 may sign out a student. Please make sure that the individuals listed on your emergency card are at least 18 years of age. Identification must be shown at the time students are signed out.

Vision and Hearing Tests

State mandated vision tests are given to all Kinder, 1st and 4th grade students. Hearing tests are administered to all Kinder, 2nd, 5th grade and Special Education students by the school nurse and a team of district nurses. All new students and referrals from parents and teachers are also tested. If the school notes any vision or hearing problems, parents will be notified.

All children are required to have physical examinations before entering 1st grade. Pomona has a clinic where physical examinations are administered by licensed Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Parents may receive information by calling the Health Service Clinic at 397-4800 Ext. 23966.


Students may not take any medication at school without signed authorization from a doctor and a parent. Forms are available from the school office and Health Office staff. No over-the-counter medication is permitted on school campus.

Optional Student Insurance Plans are available for your protection (see office for more information). Applications are sent directly to the insurance company, not to school.